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Kindle Solar

January 9, 2012

New Kindle Solar from amazon

Worried that your Kindle e-reader will run out of juice before you manage to finish reading the latest bestseller? You could certainly reach for a power cord and charge the gadget’s battery the old-fashioned way — that’d solve your problem. Or you could try an eco-friendly solution — a solar-powered cover.

The SolarKindle has a solar panel which will siphon the power of the sun to keep the cover’s built-in reserve battery charged up. And that reserve battery will in turn keep your Kindle alive longer.

According to SolarFocus, the maker of the SolarKindle covers, a fully charged reserve battery could provide “up to 80 percent of backup power to the Kindle.” The company explains that given that the battery takes eight hours of direct sunlight to charge, this means that each hour of charging gives you almost three days of Kindle use. (Of course you’ll get less reading time if you use the SolarKindle’s built-in pop-up reading light.)


The SolarKindle will set you back $80 and can be ordered now.

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